Ducru-Beaucaillou: Imposing and Magnificent


Ducru-Beaucaillou: Imposing and Magnificent

Wine Team New York |

Dominating the skyline of one corner of St. Julien is the appellation’s most imposing château building, but there’s more here than just good architecture. Château Ducru-Beaucaillou occupies a magnificent location with its gravelly vineyards sloping directly down to the Gironde, a testimony to the old Bordeaux adage: the closer you are to the river, the better the wine.

Ducru combines the power and depth typical of a Second Growth with layers of flavour complexity, a sumptuous texture and an endless finish. The 1986 vintage shows Ducru in its full bloom of maturity, while recent years of the château’s over-achieving second wine, Croix, offer a foretaste of great things to come.

We have just received the 2019 vintage of Madame de Beaucaillou, a recent addition to Bruno’s portfolio offering a chance to unveil more surprises from Château Ducru-Beaucaillou at only $22.95.

Additionally, we are excited to announce the 2023 release of Ducru-Beaucaillou, available in multiple formats. Nick Jackson, MW describes this as “a wine of immense juiciness yet with a dry heart – large-boned but true-to-type St. Julien, with a great long life ahead.”

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