100 Point Wonders


100 Point Wonders

Cat Stephani |

If only there were a 100-point system that could capture all the complexity a truly great wine has to offer us. When it comes to the world of wine, scores can sometimes leave us with more questions posed than problems answered.

We know numerical scores make a pragmatic attempt at measuring tangibles like aroma and bouquet in the context of a neutral setting – but what of wines’ intangibles? And how does one account for the ephemeral nuance usually enjoyed in a setting that is anything but?

Whether you’re convinced a score of any kind remains a blunt instrument, or whether you live by their convenience, blissfully aligned with the common palate of a trusted critic, there is no denying the impact the 100-point system has made on the global wine industry over the past forty years. From sculpting popular opinion, market demand, and in some instances, the very decisions of winemakers themselves, these are numerical frames of reference with powerful implications. While sole reliance on scores remains a reductive risk, simply overlooking them raises limitations of its own, especially those echoed by professionals across the board.

In chorus with some of the leading voices of our industry, our team at Sotheby’s Wine has compiled a collection of chart-topping titans that continue to garner unanimous praise across the world of wine. Standing the test of time across a wide array of respected palates, these 100-point wonders not only warrant our attention, they simply demand it.

In our experience, celebration is the only answer for accolades this consistent. Join us in exploring these world-revered wines with the Sotheby's Wine selection of 100-point wonders.

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