The Mosel Valley: Germany’s Enchanting Rieslings


The Mosel Valley: Germany’s Enchanting Rieslings

Wine Team New York |
Set on the southwestern side of Germany, the Mosel Valley is one of the most enchanting wine regions on earth. Uphill views of the winding gorge, carved over a million years ago, reveal the sheer power of nature, with the adjacent river reflecting the surrounding green hillsides covered in slate-crunching vineyards. The region is home to some of the world’s most renowned wines, praised for their longevity.

The Mosel is best known for its Riesling production. The wines range from bone dry to lusciously sweet, with typical notes of honey, peach, and apricot, and a signature zing of acidity. Our selection features some of the most well-known Mosel Valley wineries including J.J. Prüm, Egon Müller, Willi Schaefer, Fritz Haag and a newcomer based out of Trittenheim – Unterlind.

Weingut Unterlind is a new project that was created in 2019 by the vineyard manager at Egon Müller, Heiner Bollig, and his partner Veronika. The Bolligs began with leasing 3 small parcels and now own a total of 1.8 hectares after Heiner’s father retired in 2020 and left his properties to Heiner’s control. This young and modern project is only on its 2nd vintage but has wasted no time in crafting quality rieslings that are crisp and refreshing with a signature Mosel Valley minerality and a hint of green apple

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