Vega Sicilia: Patron Saint of Tempranillo


Vega Sicilia: Patron Saint of Tempranillo

Cat Stephani |
History’s greatest empires are born of conquistadors. Even the most majestic kingdoms trace their roots to the brazen few who forged paths unknown. 

With an ancient history perpetually preserved within each bottle, Vega Sicilia stands the test of time as one of Spain’s most celebrated wines, both conquistador and royal subject amongst the world’s greatest producers of age-worthy reds.

Hailed by some a patron saint of Tempranillo, the estate is consistently perceived as the one and only ‘First Growth’ of the Ibirian Peninsula. Founded in 1860, Don Eloy Lecanda Y Chaves brought his knowledge of Bordeaux and it’s varietals to a rugged and sun drenched Ribera Del Duero.

The famed Alvarez family reigns over the estate’s modern era today, their dedication fierce, as Vega Sicilia continues to mystify with age-defying relics, well worthy of conquest.

The full trinity of cuvees – Valbuena 5°, Unico, and the rare Vega Sicilia Unico Grand Reserva Especial, are all present amongst our recent arrivals.

Valbuena 5° is supple and densely concentrated, a rich blend of Tempranillo and Merlot from younger vines that will one day bear the fruit of Unico, the signature of Vega Sicilia’s legacy. 

Sicilia’s Unico – the ‘Only One’ – is a wine built in patient layers, it’s long lived reputation further punctuated by the cuvée’s growing scarcity. The warm vintage of 2011 reveals a wonderful depth balanced with silk and elegance.

As for the Reserva Especial, these rarities are a tribute to tradition, a careful blend from the best of each harvest. Bottles can hold wines more than 35 years of age inside, a devoted homage paid to the multi vintage philosophy of an earlier Spain. We look forward to any door we may open to collectors with our releases from 2018 and 2019.

The Alvarez kingdom continues it’s sprawl across the peninsula with a rustic ‘Pintia’, and generous ‘Alion’, which round out the family’s diverse red offerings. Both are love letters addressed to enthusiasts who seek to explore the value Spain has to offer from Toro and Ribera Del Duero respectively.