Three Decades of Ducru-Beaucaillou


Three Decades of Ducru-Beaucaillou

Cat Stephani |
Treasured by many as the quintessential St-JulienChâteau Ducru-Beaucaillou continues its magnificent reign as one of Bordeaux’s leading super seconds. This champion of Clarets is a pillar of consistency, reliably producing some of the most polished and high-achieving wines of the appellation each and every year.

Drawing its name from the estate’s ‘beautiful stones’, the Borie family’s deep gravelly soils are ideally situated in the south-east of St-Julien near the banks of the Gironde, a testament to the old Bordeaux adage: the closer you are to the river, the better the wine. Built from a high proportion of Cabernet Sauvignon, Ducru achieves both polish and poise with its sumptuous texture and textbook finesse.

Our latest arrivals showcase Ducru-Beaucaillou across three separate decades. Vintages like the concentrated 1986, reconditioned at the château in 2011, reveal Ducru in the full bloom of maturity, while 2006 offers a delightful aromatic vibrancy, one gaining rightful ground on the lauded heels of 2005. Lowering production of the Grand Vin with even stricter selections since 2003, recent vintages serve as superb examples of the estate’s thriving evolution, evident in yet another impressive run of critically acclaimed releases from 20142015 and 2018.

Whether building on your cellar or eager to decant this fall, there is something for everyone with our latest array from this essential estate. Don’t delay in discovering the impressive range of Ducru-Beacaillou today!

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