The Mythical Meursalt of Coche-Dury


The Mythical Meursalt of Coche-Dury

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What is it that brings a ten-hectare domaine comprised of mainly village-level holdings in and around Meursault a worldwide cult following? While the answers to questions like these are usually attributed to factors like prized vineyard sites, ancient historical origins, or exceptionally low yields, the mythical wines of Coche-Dury are an exalted anomaly and the rightful fodder of ultimate wine legend nevertheless. Perhaps Burgundy’s resident authority Jasper Morris surmised it best – “This is arguably the most sought-after internationally of all white Burgundy domaines.”

Now in the meticulous hands of fourth generation Raphaël Coche, little has changed since first tending to the vines alongside his father Jean-François Coche-Dury at the age of fifteen. Aside from their notorious vigilance in the vineyards, bâtonnage and extended barrel maturation remain pillars behind the signature reductive style of winemaking.  With their firm mineral backbones and intensity intact, recent vintages reveal a gentler expression of struck match and gunflint, a subtle trend echoed in the wines of fellow Burgundian giants Roulot and PYCM, one perhaps embracing nuance over ‘reductive caricature’.

While the fanatical following behind Coche-Dury’s whites keeps them in a perpetual state of scarcity, the domaine’s remarkably perfumed reds are nothing short of riveting, a testament to the masterful winemaking that coaxes magnificence even from lesser appellations.

Arrivals like these are the moments our team at Sotheby’s watches and waits for throughout the year alongside our fellow Burgundy enthusiasts. Join us in uncovering the magic behind this mythical domaine today.     

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