Ornellaia’s 2020 Release: A Proportionate Classic


Ornellaia’s 2020 Release: A Proportionate Classic

Wine Team New York |

Winemaker Axel Heinz, at Ornellaia since 2005, proudly presented us with Ornellaia’s 2020 release this March, in one of the final markers of his storied eighteen-year tenure at Italy’s legendary estate.

With its namesake ‘La Proporzione or ‘Proportion’, the promising conditions of 2020 all hint at one of the stronger vintages in the region since the standout 2016s – a conclusive high note punctuating Heinz’s masterful reign. 

“In 2020 all grape varieties expressed themselves very well…everybody felt that each grape could give a very important contribution,” explains Axel. “We expect it to age in the way great vintages do.”

Described as a classic Ornellaia, the 2020 blend includes 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 32% Merlot, 13% Cabernet Franc and 5% Petit Verdot – the largest percentage of Cabernet Franc since 2016 and a welcome return to the estate’s typical blend.

Fine-grained and beautifully textured, an alluring mélange of brooding black fruits comprises the youthful core of this powerful and concentrated blend. A fresh balsamic verve captures the earlier-ripening nature of the vintage, delivering a signature balance and complexity emblematic of the benchmark estate. 

Join us in celebrating the latest success from one of Italy’s most important wines with the momentous release of Ornellaia’s 2020 vintage, an exemplary work of balanced proportion between the parts and the whole.

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