Mature Sassicaia


Mature Sassicaia

Victor Rabot |
This success story all started when The Marquis Mario Incisa della Rochetta settled down with his family in the Bolgheri region in 1940. It was his intention to produce a wine that could rival the very best of Bordeaux’s Left Bank.

What makes Sassicaia so special?

Innovation and Pioneer Status:
Often considered as the first “Super Tuscan” and with their unique soil type, microclimate, and exposure, they have been attributed their own DOCBolgheri Sassicaia. The beginning of the winery’s incredible journey was when they first commercialised the 1968 vintage. Ever since, they have challenged the established conventions of Italian winemaking, highlighting the possibilities of Bordeaux grape varieties within the region.

Grape Varieties:
Sassicaia is primarily made from Cabernet Sauvignon, blended with varying proportions of Cabernet Franc.

Aging Potential:
Sassicaia is crafted for long-term aging, yet it offers immediate enjoyment upon release. I recently had the opportunity to taste the 2019 vintage with Priscilla Incisa della Roccheta, and I was impressed by its drinkability. The wine will often benefit from several years of bottle aging, adding complexity to the wine and developing secondary and tertiary aromas.

Limited Production and Availability:
Throughout its history, Sassicaia has maintained a renowned reputation for crafting wines of exceptional quality in a limited quantity.

We could not agree more with Serena Sutcliffe MW & David Peppercorn MW:

"We believe that Sassicaia is one of the greatest wine creations of the century. It also happens to be simply wonderful to drink. May it thrive through the new millennium."

All wines are available in very limited quantities and will not last long.

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