Masseto: A Modern Masterpiece


Masseto: A Modern Masterpiece

Wine Team New York |

Coveted by collectors and fine wine enthusiasts across the globe, Masseto’s reputation as a modern Italian masterpiece continues to soar with each passing vintage. Hailed as both a ‘monument to Tuscany’ and the ‘Petrus of Italy’, Masseto’s profound and singular expression of Merlot has earned a rightful place amongst the top wines of the world, one with the demand and auction prices to match.

Planted to a single 6.6-hectare vineyard of unique gray and blue clay in Bolgheri near the Tuscan coast, the estate has rapidly ascended in rank since its inception by Lodovico Antinori in 1984. Graced by a succession of such wine luminaries as André Tchelistcheff, Michel Rolland, Thomas Duroux, and Axel Heinz, Gaia Cinnirella holds the lead as winemaker and cellar master today, following a former run as vineyard manager at the iconic Biondi-Santi.    

Irresistibly mouth-filling yet elegant all at once, 2020 further sculpts the captivating character of Masseto as the second vintage to incorporate a welcome touch of Cabernet Franc. The dark-toned and exceptionally polished cuvée captures a sense of both opulence and finesse, with an abundance of velvety, fine tannin that is certain to reward collectors for years to come.  

With its outstanding quality and limited production, Sotheby’s is thrilled to reserve a portion of each year’s Masseto allocation for public release. Don’t delay in pursuing our latest arrivals from this blue-chip Italian icon today!