Marqués de Murrieta: Master of Rioja


Marqués de Murrieta: Master of Rioja

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In the eastern reaches of Logroño lies Bodegas Marqués de Murrieta, the estate whose wines first made Rioja famous beyond the Iberian Peninsula. All too aware of the success of the Bordeaux wine trade not so far north, Don Luciano Murrieta was compelled to produce the very first Rioja wine that would leave Spain’s shores. Ever since the famed 1852 vintage first entered far-flung markets, these wines have continued to garner critical acclaim and an impassioned following amongst lovers of Spain’s most historic fine wine region.

Since 1983, the Cebrián-Sagarriga family have been at once the guardians of this truly traditionalist house and the architects of an enviable export network. As for Castillo Ygay, this carries two meanings: one of the oldest industrial buildings in Spain that houses the original bodega and the name of the most celebrated label that the house produces.

The tinto is offered here in the 2009, 2010, and 2011 vintages, Castillo Ygay Gran Reserva Especial is for many a reference to which all great Rioja wines are compared. María Vargas, crowned best winemaker in Tim Atkin MW’s 2017 regional report, now produces this great cuvée in exceptional years only with Tempranillo dominating the blend and Mazuelo (Carignan) playing a supporting role. 2011 produced wines of such supple tannic profile that even this youngest vintage in the trio can be approached without delay.

Additionally, we are pleased to offer limited inventory of a rare and exclusive vertical case from Marqués de Murrieta to commemorate their 170th anniversary: ‘Colección Histórica’. This six-bottle case consists of the estate’s Rioja Reserva, featuring one bottle each of vintages 2012 through 2017.

The freshness, the heady oak spice and the inimitable Spanish gloss that enwraps these wines surely constitute some of the greatest pleasure that Rioja can offer. Don’t miss out!

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