Jaboulet's La Chapelle: Five Vintages of Excellence


Jaboulet's La Chapelle: Five Vintages of Excellence

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The venerable Jaboulet estate is responsible for numerous wines the length of the Rhône Valley, but remains synonymous with one in particular: Hermitage La Chapelle. This wine is considered, along with Chave's version, a leading expression of the hill of Hermitage.

It is here, on the steep slopes above the Rhône river, that the Syrah variety achieves such nobility: dense and spicy in youth, wild and gamey with age. Try the 2013 or 2016 La Chapelle today for an accessible, maturing expression; leave the younger vintages for a few more years for optimal drinking. In the meantime, the second wine, Maison Bleue 2020 offers excellent drinking already.

- Nick Jackson, MW | Consultant 

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