Grand Puy Lacoste: Pure Pauillac


Grand Puy Lacoste: Pure Pauillac

Tom Baxter |

Classified as a 5th Growth in 1855, this estate is known for typicity of Pauillac style: robust tannin structure, unctuous black-fruited profile and barrel-derived spice that equips it to age magnificently. GPL, as it is sometimes known, has the added appeal of being priced fairly, further enticing its wide following.

The vineyards are Cabernet Sauvignon for the most part, with roughly a quarter of the 55 hectares planted to Merlot and a minor amount of Cabernet Franc. They are found in a homogenous block immediately neighbouring the château – a sight not so common in today’s Médoc.

Whilst François-Xavier Borie and daughter Emeline manage the estate, winemaker Christelle Spinner has kept production standards in-line with their contemporaries. Complete stem removal and two passes along the sorting table are commonplace under her watch. 16-18 months in three-quarters new oak is the common maturation regime for the Grand Vin.

As for vintages, our selection boasts some of the best successes the estate has had in vintages since the millenium. 2016 exhibits pure Pauillac refinement; it is complete and balanced in form. 2015 is for fans of fruit generosity, with mid-palate fullness and weight. Few will need talking into the merits of 2010 and 2005: neither is in a rush to mature, but a decanter or a well-kept cellar will show you their pedigree either next weekend or in the next decade (or two).

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