Fritz Haag: One of the Jewels of the Mosel


Fritz Haag: One of the Jewels of the Mosel

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Set on the southwestern side of Germany, the Mosel Valley is one of the most enchanting wine regions on earth. Uphill views of the winding gorge, carved over a million years ago, reveal the sheer power of nature, with the adjacent river reflecting the surrounding green hillsides covered in slate-crunching vineyards. The region is home to some of the world’s most renowned wines, praised for their longevity. Fritz Haag is one of the estates that stands up to the standards.

The first documentation of the estate dates back to 1605. However, its reputation significantly improved when Wilhelm Haag took over the winery at age 20 in 1957. As the first Haag to attend enology school, he was a pioneer of extreme selection in the vineyards, low yields, and precise winemaking. In 2005, his son Oliver succeeded him, intending to take this great winery to the next level.

The Haags own 43 acres (17.5 ha of vineyards) exclusively with Riesling plantings. The pinnacle of production lies in the Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr vineyard. The site, one of the jewels of the Mosel and even treasured by Napoleon, produces wines intense in flavor, yet light and elegant, with prominent mineral notes gliding along the edges.

The offering below showcases both their craftsmanship and the quality of the terroir. Those who like the more generous style and slight creaminess will relish 2009 Auslese #6, as well as the Goldkap. 2010, although a cooler vintage, delivered dense wines because of lower yields, with acidity levels that will keep wines fresh for decades. While the 2006 is a monumental auslesen vintage and a must-have for cellaring.

Aleks Zecevic | August 2021

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