Clos Sainte Hune: Trimbach's Enchanting Gem


Clos Sainte Hune: Trimbach's Enchanting Gem

Wine Team New York |

Located in the Grand Cru Rosacker of Hunawihr lies a truly enchanting and unique terroir, cherished by the Trimbach family for over two centuries: Clos Sainte Hune. Spanning 1.67 hectares, the average age of vines is 60 years, with some having been planted over 80 years ago. 

Blessed with south and south-eastern exposure, the slightly sloping plot enjoys the gentle sun, while the marly-limestone composition adds a distinct character to the wine. 

With an average production of approximately 7000 bottles, Clos Sainte Hune, the pride of the estate, has been cultivated organically since 2008. After harvest and until the budding of the vines, the estate’s flock of sheep grazes the vineyards to maintain and enrich the soil.

The wine boasts a perfectly balanced acidity, making each sip of this cuvée a magical experience.

We're excited to offer you a selection of multiple vintages currently available for your enjoyment: