A Great St. Emilion Terroir: Troplong Mondot


A Great St. Emilion Terroir: Troplong Mondot

Wine Team New York |

One of the best terroirs in St. Emilion is occupied by a property that probably does not get the attention it deserves: Troplong Mondot. This excellent location so close to the village of St. Emilion (the location of all the best sites) produces consistently outstanding grapes.

The recent history of Troplong, which you can taste through the vintages we have available, is a tale of two styles. Prior to 2018, Troplong made particularly rich, mouth-filling wines of great texture and impact. From 2018 onwards, a new era began at the property, offering a more classical St. Emilion profile of freshness, lower alcohol and restraint. Whichever style you prefer, Troplong can meet your needs!

 - Nick Jackson, MW | Consultant

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