5 Reasons to Buy 50-Year Old Port


5 Reasons to Buy 50-Year Old Port

Wine Team New York |

If you’ve ever visited Portugal, shared a night-cap with your grandfather, or just love the nutty, caramel flavors of barrel-aged wine, you likely have heard the name Taylor Fladgate.

Having just released a special edition, Taylor Fladgate brings to market a rarity in tawny Port, a 1969 vintage dated 50-year-old wine. I already have goosebumps thinking about this honeyed and fig-fruited Port, but if you need more convincing, consider this:

1. Age

With an age of 50-years and a vintage date of 1969, it’s an obvious choice to commemorate benchmark anniversaries and birthdays.

2. Vintage

Vintage-dated tawny Port is extremely rare! This means only that-year’s fruit was used to make the wine, resulting in a very specific expression of time and place.

3. Limited

Special Edition wines are limited. Typically quantities available are too small to be become a permanent offering and once they sell out, they’re gone forever.

4. Producer

Taylor Fladgate is more than just a leader in Port production, it has some of the largest reserves of barrel-aged Port of any Port house.

5. Rarity

Staying fresh for 50 years is hard work! By most standards food and drink don’t last this long, either they go bad or get consumed. For a limited time, you have the chance to find out what it’s like to taste wine vinified half a century ag

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