Sotheby's Experts Select Exceptional French Wines


Sotheby's Experts Select Exceptional French Wines

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Purity and Versatility

The 2018 Berlioz: Les Gueux Blanc is a delicious white from the foothills of the Alps that is sure to satiate some of that nostalgia for those whose ski season was cut short.

La Cuvée des Gueux is a versatile white from the Savoie region of France. Winemaker Adrien Berlioz specializes in local varieties of the region, in this case Jacquère and Altesse. Pure and youthful, this wine sings with flavors of apples, lemons, white blossoms and spring grass.

While it naturally pairs with soft cheeses and hearty potatoes, La Cuvée des Gueux pairs equally well with homemade pizza, crudité and summer fare. Ensure you have enough on hand whether you are looking back fondly on the passing of winter or excitedly awaiting summer celebrations that lie ahead.

– Sara Sparks, Fine Wine Sales


Our admiration for the wines of Henri Boillot are well established, and frankly, well deserved. His quick ascension from novice vigneron to the rank of master-craftsman is miraculous – a testament to Henri’s dedication to sustainability, meticulous vineyard management and commitment to both preserving and magnifying Burgundy’s distinctive terroir in each and every bottle he produces.

Henri’s 2017 Clos de la Mouchere monopole is one of the finest offerings of Puligny Montrachet we have tasted – it combines all the most exciting and rewarding aspects of classic Burgundian Chardonnay. And although we look back with feelings of nostalgia and adoration, the 2018 has given us reason to be just as enthusiastic – the warm, dry conditions produced wines of remarkable complexity, radiance and energy.

And better yet, the 2018 vintage is the ideal opportunity to taste through a wider selection of Henri’s wines, from the extraordinary and remarkably priced Bourgogne Blanc and Rouge, to his full-bodied yet pure and focused Meursault (comprised of some of Burgundy’s most notable Lieux-Dits including Narvaux and Tillets).

And finally, if you’re still dreaming of revisiting the 2017 Clos de la Mouchere (I know I am!), we have a limited number of magnums available, which aren’t likely to last.

– Graham Tucker, Retail Manager

Profound Simplicity

What is it about the silky, red-fruited Pinot Noir from Domaine Fourrier that has Burgundy collectors picking up bottles year after year? I suspect it’s the purity of his approach: to let the vineyard speak through the wine.

Jean-Marie Fourrier brought a philosophy of simplicity to his family’s domaine and since has solidified his standing as a top producer of the Côte de Nuits. Notably, he nurtures very old vines, making wine from those 30 years or older, though many are of centurian status. His approach in the cellar is extremely hands-off: after diligently sorting the grapes, there’s not much for the winemaker to do but perhaps switch a barrel once a year.

When the wines do emerge, they’re bottled without preservatives and never fined or filtered. His approach is artisanal and his style is to embrace the nuances of each vineyard parcel and each vintage. The result is a range of lithe Pinot Noirs that captivate our taste buds. We are pleased to offer a range of splendid 2017s from both Domaine Fourrier and Jean-Marie Fourrier.

– Sara Sparks, Fine Wine Sales

Timeless Classics From the Left and Right Banks

For me, the allure of Bordeaux lies in its longevity. While there is undoubted pleasure in drinking a perfectly matured Bordeaux, it is equally enthralling to trace the path of its lifecycle and check in at different points of its development. It is a window into its future self, a glimpse of what the wine will one day transform into. For me, the contemplation and anticipation of this evolution is what makes Bordeaux so special.

I have curated a selection of Bordeaux in half bottles, the perfect, social-distancing-friendly size to enjoy these timeless classics while taking inventory of their development.

With a decade of age, 2010 Haut Brion and 2010 La Chapelle de La Mission Haut Brion unfurl with generous aromas of currant, leather and tobacco.

Each with 5–8 years of age, these wines are a study in their ongoing evolution. While there is still plenty of fruit, tertiary notes are beginning to unfold, and the tannins are becoming ever more integrated.

Carruades de Lafite and Dragon de Quintus are from the highly acclaimed back-to-back vintages of 2015 and 2016, drawing comparisons to the extolled duo of 2009 and 2010 vintages. However, only time will tell, so secure some of these and check in on them with frequency as they continue to reveal themselves.

 Lorine Schaefer, Sales Director

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