Sotheby’s Essential Summer Whites


Sotheby’s Essential Summer Whites

Wine Team New York |

With summer in full bloom, Sotheby’s Wine has curated an invigorating selection of essential whites for the warmer days ahead.

Whether you relish the crisp, citrus delights of Sancerre or the supple elegance of Burgundian Chardonnay, our hand-picked whites offer thirst-quenching refinement from the world’s most treasured winemakers and regions.

Brimming with bright acidity, dry whites from the Loire Valley are a sublime choice for the summer season. François and Pascal Cotat carve out some of the best expressions Sancerre has to offer. Our current selection spans the famed vineyards Les Monts Damnés, La Grande Côte and Les Culs de Beaujeu, each its own discovery for those seeking mineral-driven marvels.

Selections from Burgundian masters like Leflaive and Sauzet are irresistible companions for summer savoring. Unwind with crisp expressions of Chablis from the brilliantly talented Samuel Billaud or indulge in the stone-fruited delights of Château Fuisse, both bright lights from their respective corners of Burgundy and delectable in their own right.

Seeking a fresh take from the West Coast? John Raytek and Phoebe Bass of Ceritas sculpt pure, terroir-expressive wines from unique single vineyards across Northern California. Translated as "mineral expression of the soil’, Ceritas has rightfully won a loyal following and also deserves yours this summer should you be seeking supple yet precise expressions of beautifully crafted Chardonnay.

While every bottle has its time and place, some simply shine in the season that suits them best. Savor every last drop of your summer season this year with the Sotheby’s selection of essential whites!

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