Easter Selections from Sotheby’s Wine


Easter Selections from Sotheby’s Wine

Wine Team New York |

Blooming daffodils, greening landscapes, and the lengthening of days announce the arrival of spring, and with it, preparations for Easter. Whether you plan to celebrate the holiday with a leisurely brunch or an opulent feast, the Sotheby’s Wine team has assembled a collection of Premier Cru Burgundy, vintage and NV Champagne, Napa Cabernet and other standout cuvées specially curated for the occasion.

Sparkling wines like the Ephémère 017 or the Bollinger Grande Année match the vibrancy and freshness of the first delicate harvests from the garden. Stouter fare like classic roast lamb or glazed ham calls for the succulent charms of Faiveley’s Clos des Myglands or the elegant Sesti Brunello di Montalcino. Our selections are sure to elevate your Easter feast.

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