Our Favorite Food and Wine Pairings


Our Favorite Food and Wine Pairings

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In the realm of culinary elegance, where every sip and bite is a harmonious dance of flavors, lies the art of food and wine pairing. At Sotheby’s Wine, we believe the ultimate pleasure lies in the union of exceptional wines and culinary masterpieces.

Our team of wine specialists has curated a collection of extraordinary combinations that promise to tantalize even the most discerning palates. Whether you're hosting an intimate soirée, celebrating a milestone, or simply reveling in the finer moments of life, our expert-selected pairings are poised to transform every occasion into an unforgettable celebration of taste and refinement.

Vanessa Conlin, MW
Global Head of Wine Retail

Wine: Champagne
Food pairing: Sushi

Champagne isn’t just for toasting and enjoying prior to a meal; it is extremely gastronomic and versatile at the table. I pair Champagne with many different meals, but my favorite is sushi. The high acid along with the effervescence in Champagne acts as a palate cleanser, which is especially helpful with Omakase when the Chef will be presenting many different flavors in fairly close succession. The freshness of the acidity also cuts through the richness of hamachi and the butteriness of toro.

Cat Stephani
Associate Specialist, Fine Wine Sales

Wine: Volnay, Burgundy
Food pairing: Sweetbreads

This pairing is inspired by a standout dish I enjoyed in Paris this summer at Parcelles: veal sweetbreads with hazelnut butter, capers, and sage. From bonemarrow to liver, those who find offal to be as irresistible a treat as I do will relish the tender, creamy texture of this rich and nutty offering. The bright ruby fruits of a delicate Burgundy are a perfect companion to the unctuous sweetbreads, with this plate particularly complemented by the lifted aromatics of Michel Lafarge’s ethereal 2018 Volnay Les Mitans 1er Cru.

Tom Baxter
Associate Specialist, Fine Wine Sales

Wine: Bordeaux Blanc
Food pairing: Pan-roasted Sea Bass

Wines made from fresh, verdant varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon are excellent accompaniments for fish. Gooseberry and lime fruit character are common in these blends and might be thought of as a form of citrus-derived garnish that highlights the savoury fish. Pan-roasting the sea bass with good quality butter to caramelise and crisp up the skin will accentuate the buttery, toasty aromatics of oak-matured white Bordeaux with pronounced lees character. No longer made in quite as rich a style as in former vintages, ‘Y’ d’Yquem retained its generous mid-palate in 2020, but not at the cost of the bright acidic line needed to bring this fish dish to life.

Étienne Guérin
Wine Concierge

Wine: Cornas, Rhône Valley
Food pairing: Rack of Lamb

Lamb is typically enjoyed with wines from Bordeaux, but I really love to pair it with mature wines from the Northern Rhône Valley. The smoky, spicy and earthy notes brought forward by the passage of time on Cornas wines are incomparable. Robert Michel was known to make Cornas “in the old style”, which in the area mostly means without destemming the Syrah grapes. This brings a tad of extra structure to the wine but also an herbaceous note that works wonderfully well with lamb, especially if thyme and rosemary are involved in the preparation. Fun fact: the vintage 2006 was Robert Michel’s last harvest before retirement. It is now at its drinking peak. A true time capsule in a bottle!

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