Crisp Whites for Springtime Delight


Crisp Whites for Springtime Delight

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With spring in full bloom, Sotheby’s Wine has curated an invigorating selection of essential whites for the warmer days ahead.

Whether you relish the crisp, citrus delights of Sancerre or the supple charms of Burgundian Chardonnay, our hand-picked whites highlight exemplary wines from some of our favorite producers across a range of styles and regions.

Brimming with bright acidity, dry whites from the Loire Valley are essential companions for those who appreciate mineral-driven refreshment. Guiberteau and its former assistant vigneron Brendan Stater-West carve out some of the best expressions of Chenin Blanc from the region’s famed white Tuffeau soils.

Hailing from the Mosel's steep, slate vineyards, Egon Müller's dazzling rieslings offer a subtle and irresistibly succinct sweetness. With crisp white fruits and tart lime, Müller's mouth-watering 2020 Scharzhof Riesling will convert even the wariest of white into devoted followers.

Done in collaboration with Burgundy’s Jean-Marc RoulotPiero Incisa della Rocchetta’s Bodega Chacra chisels intensely energetic Chardonnays from their distinctive Patagonian terroirs. A welcome touch of salinity in the glass makes these lively whites particularly appealing this time of year.

Seeking a fresh take on CaliforniaDan Petroski’s Massican wines bring a unique Mediterranean flair to the table. From their perfectly tart, Northern Italian-inspired Sauvignon Blanc, to their perfumed and mineral Annia cuvée of Ribolla Gialla and Tocai Friulano, these charming and versatile whites are certain to compliment an array of spring dishes and cuisines.

While every wine has its place, there is no better time to savor its style than the season that suits it best. Discover your new favorite whites with our latest selection of crisp springtime delights!

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