The Best of Pomerol


The Best of Pomerol

Wine Team New York |
In Bordeaux, it’s usually the classified growths on the Left Bank that attract most of the attention of drinkers and collectors. But for many of us, the great wines of Pomerol possess equal allure. The Merlot here gives wines of gorgeous succulence and velvety depth, easily placing them among Bordeaux’s finest.

We are pleased to offer an extensive range of Pomerol wines and vintages. From the 1990s, Château La Conseillante 1998 is a wonderful option from an outstanding Right Bank year. From the 2000s on, Clinet 2008 is very attractive – the 2008s are beginning to drink very well now; and don’t sleep on 2012 Hosanna – another vintage where top Right Bank wines shine.

In more recent times, Pensées de Lafleur is one of the best second wines out there. Or, indeed, Lafleur itself from 2012 is a brilliant wine. And if only the best will do, a selection of Petrus 2018 is available – a real showstopper – as well as the rare library collection of Petrus 1971!

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