Born in the USA: Lingua Franca, RAEN and More


Born in the USA: Lingua Franca, RAEN and More

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The American wine industry has been about possibility, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit since its inception. From the earliest beginnings of European settlers carrying scions of Mission varieties, the entire winemaking landscape has undergone an existential shift. As the 4th of July nears, we at Sotheby’s Wine thought it fitting to celebrate this nation’s rich history through some compelling vinous achievements from within these very shores.

Whilst every one of the fifty states produces its own wine, this 4th of July selection seeks to highlight California and Oregon as two of the nation’s largest and most qualitatively distinguished sources of great wine. Whilst California’s area under vine sprawls across diverse terroirs, the Napa Valley remains its crown jewel and fine wine powerhouse. Similarly, Oregon’s even younger wine industry saw a spirited rise to global renown through the work of seminal figures such as Richard Sommer and David Lett of Eyrie Vineyards.

Whether you’re looking for poised, delicate Pinots such as those of Carlo & Dante Mondavi’s RAEN; classic, generous Cabernet from Heitz Cellar’s emblematic Martha’s Vineyard bottling; or chiseled, layered Chardonnays from the Parr & Moorman duo behind Evening Land, this list of greats will surely elevate any festivities that you currently have planned. Cheers!

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