A Treasure Trove of Pomerol


A Treasure Trove of Pomerol

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Velvety Richness

If I were allowed only one commune of Bordeaux to drink, my (maybe surprising) choice would be Pomerol. As much as I love the great Left Bank wines, nothing quite touches mature Pomerol in its truffly, plummy, velvety richness. Pomerol is the most sensual corner of Bordeaux, combining hedonism with classically Bordeaux structure and ageworthiness.

We have a considerable range of vintages available from a variety of properties. Of note are Lafleur and Pensées de Lafleur, giving some of the most gorgeous, complex wines in Bordeaux; the magnificent 1998 vintage from Eglise Clinet and Conseillante; and the young, sensational 2016 vintage from superstars Trotanoy, La Fleur Petrus and Vieux Château Certan.

- Nick Jackson, MW | Consultant 

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