A Tour of Spain’s Magnificent Terroirs


A Tour of Spain’s Magnificent Terroirs

Wine Team New York |

Home to the sea-misted green coasts of Rías Baixas, the sun-baked plains of Rioja, and the dramatic black-slate mountains of Priorat, Spain’s wine country is a world unto itself.

That magnificent array of terroirs, and the star cast of indigenous grapes that spring up from the soils, would already guarantee it a place among the globe’s most important locales for wine production. Yet Spain continues to generate excitement today thanks not only to its landscape but also a dynamic culture of reinvention. Upstart winemakers and visionaries are developing new expressions and breathing new life into regions where the traditions of grape-growing stretch back centuries.

The selections below celebrate modern Spanish wine in all its dazzling multiplicity, encompassing reds, whites, and fortified wines that represent the best of their categories. Among the producers, you’ll find established wineries like the renowned Vega Sicilia and bold innovators like Comando G, responsible for revivifying the forgotten vineyards of Sierra de Gredos.

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