Vega Sicilia’s Único: Spain’s Most Celebrated Cuvée


Vega Sicilia’s Único: Spain’s Most Celebrated Cuvée

Cat Stephani |
Both conquistador and royal subject amongst the world’s greatest producers of age-worthy reds, Vega Sicilia and their flagship Único stand the test of time as one of Spain’s most celebrated wines.

Founded by Don Eloy Lecanda Y Chaves, this native Spanish vigneron brought his knowledge of Bordeaux and its varietals to a rugged and sun-drenched Ribera Del Duero in 1860. In the decades to follow, Vega Sicilia would become a historical icon, consistently perceived as the one and only ‘First Growth’ of the Iberian Peninsula.

Vega Sicilia continues to mystify today with their age-defying flagship Único, one of the longest-aged and longest-lived red wines in the world. Built in patient layers, this famed Tempranillo-based blend is capable of maturing in bottle for well over sixty years under the right cellar conditions.

Our latest arrivals include a rewarding range of Único well worthy of conquest. Smoke and spiced-laced cherry abound in the cooler vintages of 2007 and 2008, which accentuate elegance and grace, while 2006 and 2012 unveil ample layers of sumptuous ruby fruits, marked by their long, tantalizing finish.

Valbuena 5° is supple and densely concentrated, a rich blend of Tempranillo and Merlot from younger vines that will one day bear the fruit of Único.

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