Vincent Girardin – White Burgundy at its Purest


Vincent Girardin – White Burgundy at its Purest

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When Vincent Girardin founded his eponymous winery in the early 1980s, he was often referred to as a “newcomer” to the hallowed winemaking of Burgundy, given that neighboring maisons had been producing wines for centuries. The truth, however, is more nuanced. Vincent is a descendant of a family of vintners who have been winegrowers since the 17th century. For Vincent, founding his own winery was a chance to apply his own personal philosophy, but with centuries of family know-how in his back pocket. The wines quickly became some of the most sought-after and respected examples from the region, showing purity and soft-spoken power.

Vincent Girardin wines are renowned for their terroir-driven complexity. The winery owns and cultivates vineyards in some of the most prestigious appellations in Burgundy, including Puligny-MontrachetChassagne-Montrachet, and Volnay, among others. Each plot of land possesses its unique characteristics, such as soil composition, microclimate, and exposure, which impart distinct flavors and aromas to the wines. The artistry of Vincent Girardin lies in capturing and harmonizing these elements, resulting in wines that are multi-layered and truly delicious.

The wines exude an expressive elegance that sets them apart. The whites display a remarkable freshness and complexity, with vibrant citrus notes, minerality, and well-integrated oak. While they can be enjoyed in their youth, these wines truly shine with time, rewarding those who have the patience to cellar them. The careful balance of fruit, acidity, and structure ensures that the wines evolve beautifully over the years, developing added layers of complexity and depth. Opening a well-aged Vincent Girardin wine is like unlocking a treasured secret, a testament to the winery's commitment to quality and longevity.

Utilizing a combination of traditional techniques and modern technologies, winemaker Eric Germain, Vincent’s long-time right-hand now continues the legacy. The wines are glorious. Precise and irresistible, these are bottles to be savored now, or tucked away for decades.

Today, we focus on 4 beautiful wines from Maison Vincent Girardin from the 2020 vintage, which Burgundy expert and friend to Sotheby’s Wine, Jasper Morris, MW, called “ almost universally successful vintage for white wines.” Secure your share today, as quantities are limited, and not to be missed.

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