The Triumph of 2005 Bordeaux


The Triumph of 2005 Bordeaux

Cat Stephani |
With its textbook growing conditions and remarkable balance, 2005 was a historic force in Bordeaux from the moment released, now vying for the top vintage of the new millennium alongside 2009 and 2010. While critics and enthusiasts haven’t always agreed on which of these legendary years will ultimately reign supreme, one thing remains certain – the 2005 Bordeaux vintage continues to prove itself well worth the wait.

This was a hot, dry growing season, punctuating a brief three-year drought in Bordeaux which cumulatively stressed vines and ultimately concentrated fruit production. Moments of sparse yet ideal rainfall ushered in picture-perfect conditions which allowed growers the opportunity to patiently wait for fruits to reach full phenolic ripeness.

The resulting wines? A tour de force.

The distinction of 2005 lies in the rarity of a vintage to simultaneously check so many of the boxes we consider in evaluating Bordeaux. The wines are tannic, but round, powerful, yet not without refreshment. The balanced combination of full ripeness and impressive structure brings a completeness to the vintage, one that sets it apart from the easy opulence of 2009 and offers a more readily evolved expression over the still-intense 2010s.

Now over a decade and a half since their renowned release, there’s never been a better time to discover this momentous and rewarding window into Bordeaux. Ask us about our latest 2005 arrivals today!

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